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Graduates of undergraduate program in Industrial Engineering at TED University, pursue careers primarily in the defense industry followed by other sectors including automotive, logistics, finance and business consulting. They work as engineers, specialists, and managers across various functional departments including planning, work design, logistics, and finance in a wide range of manufacturing and service organizations. Those interested in furthering their education at the graduate level have the option to continue their studies both domestically and internationally.

The report below provides an overview of the current status of our graduates, including their employment status, the institutions where they work, the universities they attended for graduate education, and the cities where they reside.

Interviews with Some Alumni

IE Career Chats Episode 1:

2018 graduate of our department, Sena Türkan Eşrefkasım, who is currently working at Nestle in Barcelona, ​​answers the questions of the faculty member Serhat Gül.


IE Career Chats Episode 2:

The guest of the second episode is our 2018 graduate Tuğçe Usta, who currently works at Delivery Hero in Berlin, Germany and previously at Invent Analytics in Istanbul. Tuğçe shares her experiences in these two companies with the other graduates and department students.


IE Career Chats Episode 3 : 

 In this episode, we chat with our 2017 graduate, Aydın Yılmaz, about his journey from process engineering to data engineering, and the data-based studies carried out in the game and quick commerce sectors. Aydın Yılmaz has been working at Delivery Hero in Istanbul since April 2022.


IE Career Chats Episode 4:

The guest of the fourth episode was our 2019 graduate Ekin Bakar, currently working at PwC in Istanbul. We talked with Ekin about her graduate school experience in Barcelona, ​​her thoughts on the SAP Young Professionals Program that she completed after returning to Turkey, and finally her days at PwC where she works as a Technology Consultant.


IE Career Chats Episode 5:

In this episode, our 2017 graduate, Batuhan Demir, who works at Garanti BBVA Emeklilik, tells about his career journey in the Organization and Process Management unit, where he worked first as an associate, then as a specialist, and finally as a supervisor. You will witness that an industrial engineer can progress by doing good work in the financial sector without dealing with finance.


IE Career Chats Episode 6:

In this episode, our 2018 graduate, İdil Jeyan Atalay, shares her experiences at MAN, where she has been working since her graduation, in three different departments and various positions.


IE Career Chats Episode 7:

The guest of this episode is Özgü Venedik (2019), who is currently working as a Business Specialist at Amazon in Bratislava, Slovakia. Özgü shared her experiences in Amazon and Slovakia, as well as the companies she worked for in Turkey and the MBA degree she completed.